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Mon The Charland Institute Of Karate And Fitness

Kardio Kickboxing Program

Yes, we still do KardioKickboxing here!

Why? Because it burns 600 calories per hour, and we do it better than anyone!
It burns more calories than any other dance based cardio program.

While most other programs in the area have shut down, we are still here, because our instructors are certified by Master Charland. He has been doing Kardio Kickbox since 1998 and many of our instructors are Black Belts or Masters in Tang Soo Do. Schedule Here

Click Here to contact us for a free class!! The rates here are only $39 per month, $99 for three months, and can be as low as $25 per month!! We offer morning and evening classes to fit your schedule.

What is Kardio Kickboxing?

Kardio Kickbox Classes (Teens & Adults) - KardioKickbox is the hottest workout in America. Energizing, powerful and uplifting…That's how people from all walks of life from Hollywood stars to housewives, policemen and professionals describe KardioKickbox. Fat loss, toning and stress relief are just some of the benefits that can be accomplished here. Combining self-defense, dance and kickboxing set to today's hottest music; Kardio Kickboxing is unlike any other workout you have ever experienced. You will be amazed at the results from the very first class. No complicated choreography, It's easy and it's for everyone!

Kardio Instructors:

Lucy Conrod

Anthony Buell