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The Charland Institute Of Karate And Fitness

Our Instructors

Master Garth Charland (TSDMA #005) <Email Him Here> began studying martial arts over thirty years ago. He holds a sixth degree black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do, and has studied other arts extensively. More than that, he has been teaching the martial arts for more than 26 years. He has devoted his life to being a teacher and student of martial arts and incorporate all that he has learned through life in his teaching and training. More...


Master Scott Hanson (TSDMA #012) a 5th degree black belt, has been teaching with Master Charland since 1988, when they taught once per week running the Parks and Recreation program in Watertown, CT. He continues to be a valued staff member of the Charland Institute, instructing advanced juniors, and all adults. Master Hanson was named the "Codes and Tenets Award winner in 1998, which is the TSDMA's highest honor. He started the Litchfield Karate Club in 2000. His club continues to grow and his students do very well in competition. Master Hanson was promoted to 5th dan on January 26th of 2010.

Cory Lutkus a 3rd degree black belt, began in the art of Tang Soo Do at age 4 under the instruction of Master Garth Charland. In 2002 he began to get into the competition scene and in 2004, he became a member of Team Straight Up where he competed under Mr. Joe Greenhalgh. He began to compete on the National and International level. In 2009 he joined the Amerikick World Competition Team. Cory actively trains and teaches at the same karate school he started with. He attends Sacred Heart University and is a poplular DJ.  He has 27 World Champion titles, in weapons, forms, and fighting. On April 27th, 2010, he was honored by the Watertown Gold Circle of Sports with a special award from the state of CT.


Donald Krantz Is a 3rd degree black belt who has moved up the ranks under the Charland Institute teaching staff. Mr. Krantz Won the the perpetual cup in 2012 for the winning-est black belt of the day at the New England Tang Soo Do Championships. The Cup sat in our school for 2 years in a row! 

Mr. Krantz is a Co-head instructor at the Litchfield Tang Soo Do karate club, and a Captain of our Karate Team called "Team Magic". The Magic Stands for Masters Alliance Goodwill International Competitors.



Michael DeLuca . A 3rd degree black belt. Mike sets a great example for the young students at CIKF. He has made quite a mark on the tournament scene and on our Traveling Karate team. Mike has moved up through all of the steps from student to Instructor such as SWAT, DELTA, Paid DELTA, and assistant. Mike now attends Quinnipiac University and teaches on his breaks from school. 

  Ann Collette-Krantz is a 3rd degree Black Belt and a long time student of the Charland Institute. She got the bug for karate through watching her son Jeremy take classes here. Now she is a wonderful instructor who is really great with the little ones! Of course she is awesome with all ages and ranks, but you should see her teach on Saturdays, you'll see! Mrs. Krantz is a Co-head instructor at the  Litchfield Tang Soo Do karate club, and a Captain of our Karate Team called "Team Magic". The    Magic Stands for Masters Alliance Goodwill International Competitors.