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The Charland Institute Of Karate And Fitness

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Welcome to The Charland Institute

of Karate And Fitness. LLC

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April 20, 2013


The Charland Institute of Karate and Fitness, LLC (CIKF) is owned and operated by 6th degree Master Black Belt Garth Charland. Master Charland is a highly respected member of the martial arts community both nationally and internationally and trains all levels of martial artists form hobbyists to world champions. We are a family-friendly community of martial arts practitioners of all ages, who are committed to providing a safe and supportive approach to improving physical health, confidence and self-esteem.

Charland Karate emphasizes character building and life-enrichment skills in a warm, family-like environment. Programs are designed to encourage goal-setting, perseverance, concentration and the attainment of an indomitable spirit.

The Charland Karate Difference:

•CIKF is operated by owner and lead Master Instructor Garth A. Charland.

•All Black Belt Instructors are trained and certified in Tang Soo Do, and personal development.

•All instructors receive ongoing education in the areas of martial arts, instruction, personal development, and leadership.

Our Staff of Instructors: Besides Master Charland of course, Master Sharon Strobel (4th degree master black belt), Mr. Don Krantz (3rd degree), Michael Capolupo (2nd degree), Ann Collette-Krantz (2nd degree), Bonnie Geddes (2nd degree),

•Charland Karate emphasizes safety and fun in a "low pressure" environment.

•The Charland Institute is a full-time professional school, offering a daily schedule of martial arts classes, Monday through Saturday.

•The Charland Institute is over 6,000 square feet making it one of the largest martial arts training centers in New England.

•Open and up front rates                                        Continued on the "About Us Page"